For over 20 years, Jonathan Roberts has thrown himself passionately into creating beautiful things to experience. His skills in design, technology, music, writing, event planning, theater arts, and cooking combine to culminate in spectacular branded websites, collateral, products, and events for his clients.

We primarily provide 360° creative services in brand development, visual design and product/service development for celebrities, entertainers, & athletes.

What Can Jonathan Do For You?


Jonathan can help you define all your brand elements, including:

name | colors | sounds | language | stories | text | visual representations | and use

Graphic Design

Jonathan can put your brand on anything:

print ads | posters | clothing | business cards | highway billboards | vinyl banners | flyers | direct mail postcards | rack cards | brochures | booklets | menus | stationery | product packaging | and anything else you can dream up

Web & Digital

Jonathan can integrate your brand into web and digital based media:

websites | social media accounts | social media posts | email | apps and skins


Jonathan can create hand-drawn and handcrafted illustrations:

vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator | pencil | ink | acrylic | charcoal | watercolor | mixed media


Jonathan can ensure your images perfectly align with your brand message through these skills:

photo shoots | concept & styling | touch-ups | color & light correction | custom filters | transparent background knock-outs | layered Photoshop files

Product Development

Jonathan can help you create products that represent your brand message:

clothing | jewelry | accessories | food | music | games | health & beauty

Branded Services Development

Jonathan has worked on creating branded services for clients, including:

fundraising galas | golf tournaments | private dinners | musical showcases | camps | non-profit ventures | web content

Environmental Branding

Jonathan can carry your brand into attributes of spacial design for personal or public use through:

decor | floor plans | signage | lighting | music & ambient sound

Some Work

Work Blog


ANASAZI Foundation is a non-profit intervention resource dedicated to restoring and strengthening parent-child relationships through wilderness programs. I was hired as Marketing Coordinator to develop a fresh, new visual brand to commemorate ANASAZI's 20th...

I have been singing since far before I can remember and have been fortunate to share the stage with great performers such as Wynonna Judd and Marie Osmond among others.   I also apply my branding and identity services through artist development empowering other...


  Melanie, McKenzie, and Madelyn Merchant are the oldest of 7 musical siblings from Gilbert, Arizona entertaining audiences from Arizona to New York. By 2006, Melanie had become a featured singer-songwriter and opened with an original song for a benefit event...

LOGO DESIGN: Jonathan Roberts

My process for designing a personal logo was experimental and playful conjuring up images and words that I liked and felt represented me. And then I was hit with a eureka moment recalling a childhood memory.

LOGO DESIGN: Gold Line Entertainment

  When I was working with Pop Country band Firefly, Cindy Goldney jumped aboard the management team as Booking Agent. She had formed her business but didn't have a logo. I came up with this emphasizing the color gold and the word entertainment in a solid "gold...

Social Media: Firefly

  In expanding Firefly's reach and fanbase, I created social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reverbnation and Flickr (this was also when MySpace was still desirable so I did that too). No matter where you went on the web, Firefly once had a...

“Your brand can sell things or it can sell much more

something with meaning, depth, and purpose.

Stop selling things.

Instead, sell possibilities.”

Jonathan Roberts

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