Package Design: Firefly’s Pop-Up Press Kit


Many times the first impression a person gets is what they see of an artist before they even hear them sing. So, I invest greatly in helping artists convey the message of their brand visually.


This is one of my favorite hand-crafted projects I’ve created to promote a musical act. I came up with this “pop up” press kit when thinking about Firefly‘s song “Fairytale.” I wanted to present their pictures, music, and story in storybook fashion to potential investors and producers and quickly impress them. (I’m glad to say it worked!)


Each kit is made of 3 sheets of heavyweight 18×13 inch paper and a CD. When folded flat the kit measures 13 inches wide by 9 inches tall and is about 1/4 inch thick. All cuts were made by exacto knife and pieces folded assembled with glue then the kit was shrink wrapped by hand.


Front Cover:

Press Kit Cover Front


Inside with cut/score lines for internal stands (See how these are made and operate, click here):



Inside assembled with hands and flourish components:

Pop Up Kit Inside Edited 2


Inside from an angle to see pop up elements:

Pop Up Kit Inside Angled Edited


Inside Above:

Pop Up Press Kit Inside Above Edited


Inside Side View:

Pop Up Press Kit Inside Side Edited


Inner Layer of the Back:




Press Kit Cover Back


Back with windows open to reveal faces of Melanie, McKenzie, and Madelyn behind the main instrument they play:

Pop Up Kit Inside Edited


What kinds of things do you do to develop a visual part of a message? Is it graphic design, fashion, choreography, Sign Language, etc.? I’d like to know what you are doing. Thanks! – JR


Copywriting: Firefly Fundraising Proposal


When Firefly asked me to produce their private fundraising showcase, I worked closely with their dad Mike Merchant to compose this proposal. The night was a success. By the end of the evening, the host asked for us to meet with him. During the meeting he counter proposed to be Firefly’s sole investor. (He also wanted to discuss development of!)





Print Design: Firefly Private Showcase Invitation


In 2009 I produced a fundraising private showcase for Country Pop sister trio Firefly. This printed invitation features new artwork, color palette, and the new logo. Photographer Mark Mabry took shots of Melanie, McKenzie, and Madelyn. I knocked them out in Photoshop and layered images of landscapes, firefly lights, book ends, borders, and instruments. Those are McKenzie’s hands that we got a rough shot outside. I also cut it out in Photoshop. Each layer was given a drop shadow. Then everything was passed through warming filters with increased contrast. It sounds so simple now but it took hundreds upon hundreds of hours to create every element of Firefly‘s visual brand.



Web Design:


When preparing for their initial private fundraising event in 2009, I designed this web site for Country Pop band Firefly featuring their new logo and color palette.


Firefly Website