ANASAZI Foundation is a non-profit intervention resource dedicated to restoring and strengthening parent-child relationships through wilderness programs. I was hired as Marketing Coordinator to develop a fresh, new visual brand to commemorate ANASAZI’s 20th anniversary. This included a new logo, web site, print collateral, and online/print marketing. This also included preparing for a 3-day gala for which I personally created themes and designed all print materials and visual media, among other creative duties.

This post is pretty extensive and yet does not show everything I created for ANASAZI Foundation.






I have been singing since far before I can remember and have been fortunate to share the stage with great performers such as Wynonna Judd and Marie Osmond among others.


I also apply my branding and identity services through artist development empowering other people pursue their passion for singing, too. On, I blog about the people I meet–singers and those in supporting roles in the industry–as well as promote contests, talk about what’s trending, and provide resources and products for personal or professional use. I am fortunate to have a great website name and have loved applying my graphic design skills to create a visually appealing brand for


Check out some of the design work I’ve done to create and maintain a consistently strong visual brand.



Social Media: Firefly


In expanding Firefly‘s reach and fanbase, I created social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reverbnation and Flickr (this was also when MySpace was still desirable so I did that too). No matter where you went on the web, Firefly once had a distinctive visual brand that matched their message. Every web address or profile name is easily remembered as “iheartfirefly.”


Over time, each website has changed its functionality, appearance, and user audience. Additionally, Firefly was given responsibility to manage their own accounts so none of the pages look as they once did when everything was streamlined in the visual brand I created for them.


Whether use at 120×120 pixels or reduced to 16×16 pixels, the idea was that you could still identify them by their logo and faces anywhere on the web. Here is the profile picture most often used by Firefly on each account:

Firefly Promo Image