CD Design: Melanie and Firefly


The three fair and blue-eyed, auburn beauties Melanie, McKenzie, and Madelyn Merchant began performing at an early age in children’s choirs and a family band known as Red Haired Boy. As sisters they have shared the stage with legendary artists such as Marie Osmond and Wynonna Judd.


In 2007, Melanie auditioned at the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee. A few weeks after playing Bluebird, Melanie and her sisters found themselves collaborating on music under the stars on a Mississippi River bank. The glimmer of little “lights” fluttering about in the summer night sky inspired an new sound and shared dreams as sisters. At this time they began to be known as Melanie and Firefly.


Melanie was asked to return to perform at the Bluebird Cafe again the following summer and this time she could bring McKenzie and Madelyn to perform with her. When they returned  they wanted to begin recording music to distribute and asked me to produce it. I also designed the artwork for it. Here is what I created to help them tell create their visual message. (Click on images to enlarge.)


CD Artwork:

Melanie CD


CD Envelope:



I can’t remember why but this was a limited run of CDs and a rush job, meaning I had to design, print and assemble the CDs in about 4 days. Additionally, I made business cards and a website for them in a similar design. Each CD was labeled by hand and the envelopes were folded and glued by hand.